Pharrell On Pink Slime with Mac Miller & Upcoming Collaborations

This week, Mac Miller dropped the first song off his & Pharrell’s collab EP Pink Slime ‘onaroll’.  Below is an interview with Pharrell on what to expect from the EP and other collaborations.

The first leak off Pink Slime caught a lot of people off guard.
Pharrell: It’s crazy and I know Mac is going to do great things. I’m happy for him. I was just looking at his movement and what he’s doing online. I feel like I haven’t linked with enough independent kids that are doing it for themselves.

What really drew you to Mac in the first place?
I watched what he did on his own and thought that as interesting. I just felt like I had to do something with him. Pink Slim is his project, and I’m producing it but none of the records go on unless we’re both feeling it. Mac’s like a concert, festival centric kid. And we got them records, man.

Even from just hearing the first joint, “Onaroll.” I don’t want to say it’s nostalgic Neptunes but it gives you that feeling.
It’s that hype sh*t. I missed music so much. I was away for so long on the road. But I’m back in the studio now.

How did you feel about Mac dropping the record straight through Twitter?
They’re crazy with that. And wait until you see the artwork. Me and Mac did like 10 records.

Can you fill us in on any other big record that you’ve produced recently?
New Frank Ocean, a bunch of sh*t. New Usher. “Twisted” is a beast. I did some for A$AP, too. But I did a bunch of shit, Adam lambert, Jason Derulo.

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