Omen – Black Hero Theme Musik [Mixtape]

Grammy award winning producer Omen drops off his new mixtape with verses and hooks from  Teedra Moses, Diggy Simmons, Mickey Factz, Smoke DZA, Ashton Travis, Pill, XV and more.

01. Black Hero Overture ( Intro ) (ft. Smoke DZA & Jae Millz)
02. Business Doin Well (ft. Pill, A.R.N.D. & Lucky Day)
03. A Pimp Told Me (ft. Nickelus F., A.P., Anthony Mills, Naturel, A.R.N.D., Damani & Skeme)
04. Drive by Theme (ft. Ashton Travis, Jon Connor & Hed ICE)
05. HomeComing (ft. A.R.N.D., Skyzoo & Denzil Porter)
06. Falling Leaves (Chase N. Cashe, Ashton Travis & TS Rose)
07. 1800 Silver (ft. After the Smoke & King Mez)
08. Nevr Have Enough (ft. GLC, The Letter K)
09. Luv Me Tomorrow (ft. Karina Pasian, Ashton Travis, Nickelus F, Luckie Day & C3 Choir)
10. I Made You ( First Class ) (ft. Smoke DZA, K. Young & Lore’L)
11. World Wide (ft. Ashton Travis, A.P., Nickelus F. & A.R.N.D.)
12. Negro Spiritual (ft. Mickey Factz, Adshton Travis, Nickelus F., Luckie Day & C3 Choir)
13. Breaking News (ft. Hed ICE, Angel Haze & A.R.N.D.)
14. Get Back (ft. Diggy Simmons, Ashton Travis & Mike Jaggerr)
15. Scales & Arpeggios (ft. Audra the Rapper, Teedra Moses & The Kid Daytona)
16. Inspirational Talk (ft. J. Ivy)
17. Everlasting (ft. Dyme A. Duzin, XV, Denzil Porter & T.S. Rose)

DOWNLOAD: Omen – Black Hero Theme Musik [Mixtape]