Wake Up And Check Out: Third Root – Stand For Something [Album]

I sure am excited to share this one with you loyal readers. Third Root is a hip hop duo hailing from the south, Texas to be more specific and San Antonio to be even more specific. Easy Lee and MexicanStepGrandFather make up Third Root. Easy Lee isn’t particularly new to the music scene. He’s also a member of the soulful/alternative hip hop group “MoJoe”. Mex is an accomplished poet, author, he has a ph.d and he teaches at the University of Texas at San Antonio. Both guys have done plenty with their lives before teaming up to create this amazing duo. Okay, now prepare to fret, Third Root only has one project on their resume and it is this new album right here. The catch is, the album isn’t free. Yes, feel free to cry your eyes out you cheap bastards. I can’t make you buy the album but I can tell you that I have already purchased it and I don’t regret it at all. It’s real hip hop. Real hip hop needs supporting so do yourself a favor and pull out your credit card or get your paypal prepared.