XV Talks Fall Out With Seven, Popular Culture, Awesome EP, & More [Video]

Shouts to Sermons Domain for this interview, man, finally XV talks about his fall out with Seven.  He also talks about his new mixtape Popular Culture and songs on them.  He also talks about his Awesome EP releasing tomorrow and his deal with Warner.  Check out the timeline below.

Talks Seattle show (0:10)
Discusses Popular Culture Concept (0:30)
Explains inspiration behind the cover (1:27)
How “The Kick” was created (3:16)
If he’d want an Inception sequel (4:45)
His thoughts on The Avengers movie (5:47)
What movie he’d want made if he could pick anything (6:54)
His comic book titled Squarians (7:54)
How “Wonkavator” came about + reveals B.O.B.was supposed to be on it (8:20)
Explains falling out with Seven & if they’ll ever work together again (9:44)
Talks how he came up with the Awesome EP title (11:13)
If he’s frustrated that this is his first retail release under Warner Bros. (12:50)