Forever FC – 704 [Mixtape]

Just catching up on some sleep here. Forever FC is the group of the four emcees Lute, Ry, SchylerChaise and Jimmy Kelso. What caught my eye was the producers. I knew it wasn’t original production from the get go but they obviously embrace that real hip hop sound. They use beats on this project from Lord Finesse, Dr. Dre, Buckwild, The Doppelgangaz and more. The Doppelgangaz beat use was what really excited me. Okay, let me interject and say that I fell asleep while I was trying to post this. Literally I fell asleep with my laptop open next to me. When I woke up, my laptop was open right next to me but it wasn’t plugged in so it died. Well check out this tape for heaven’s sake.

DOWNLOAD: Forever FC – 704 [Mixtape]