Magnificent Ruffians – Extra Credit [Album]

I’m not an expert on these guys but I definitely enjoy their music. They were once apart of the collaboration “Elevated Ruffians” which I where I know them from. Feel free to check out this new free album from the two emcees.

01. Intro (I Have The Balls To Make It)
02. Street History (Continuation School)
03. Computer Science
04. Supreme Mathematics feat. Blak King
05. Acting 101 (Strict Code Of Conduct)
06. Wood Shop feat. Owbese (After School Detention)
07. Astronomy 3000 feat. Master Chief
08. Music Theory (Homework Interlude)
09. Female Chemistry (Pink Taco Interlude)
10. Business Economics feat. Chainsaw Mike
11. Janky Journalism feat. Awol One & King Jesk

DOWNLOAD: Magnificent Ruffians – Extra Credit [Album]