Evan Black – Top Shelf [Video]

Today brings me to a new video by a man name Evan Black. Not knowing what to expect when I first hit play, I am soon presented the kind of typical high pitched sample and this sample goes a long with a nice key progression. This little combo loop carries us through the entire song. Once Evan starts spitting, I couldn’t help but to compare him to Asher Roth. He just sounds a little reminiscent of the successful white rapper. And Evan himself is white. Well after the nearly 3 minute video commenced, I was very pleased with what I watched and heard. There are so many wack white rappers tying to make it by spitting over all these pre-used beats that it’s a breath of fresh air to hear a guy with only one project to his name using original production. He actually produced this track himself. That says a whole lot to me. A kid from Boston who can rap and produce has a lot more appeal and glimmer to me than a kid that can rap but he hasn’t made a track on original production and the beats he does use are only over used mainstream beats. Well enjoy this video and below I’ll leave the link to his latest mixtape.

DOWNLOAD: Evan Black – The Prestige [Mixtape]