Blu & Exile – Give Me My Flowers While I Can Still Them Re-Mastered [Tracklist]

I have highlighted the tracks that either weren’t on the original or have had their name changed (original name in brackets) and added links to the new tracks we have already heard. John McCain and Ope were cut from the OG version.  Be sure to support on September 4th.

1. A Letter
*2. Ease Your Mind
*3. Maybe One Day (Previously She Said It’s OK) (Ft. Black Spade of Hawthorne Headhunters)
4. I Am Jean
5. O Heaven
6. More Out Of Life
7. The Only One
8. Money
9. Mask Your Soul
10. Good Morning Neighbor
*11. Growing Pains (Previously Everybody Nose) (Ft. Fashawn, Homeboy Sandman, Johaz of Dag Savage)
12. Don’t Be Jelly
13. Berries & Juices
*14. The Great Escape
15. Seasons
*16. A Man
*17. Cent From Heaven

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