Thursday, January 27, 2022

Mighty High Coup – Dark Side Of The Boom [Album]

This is actually Mr. SOS’ (Formerly of QN5 Music) group. This is their third studio album and this one they are releasing to the masses for the price of $0.00. Check the tracklist and enjoy.

P.S. these dudes have an incredibly sexy website.

1. Very Hard (prod. J. Padron)
2. I Got That f. Natasha Fox (prod. ADHD)
3. Sunny In The South (prod. Hit Maker)
4. I 20 (Gone) (prod. RadioActive Kids)
5. Write A Song About Me f. Baby E (prod. Ricky Raw)
6. Makin Moves In Atlanta (prod. Trill Bass)
7. Add It Up (prod. Ricky Raw)
8. Deep In The Game (prod. RadioActive Kids)
9. Spaceship High (prod. J. Padron)
10. Chill (prod. The Treasury)
11. In This Bitch (prod. Wes Green)
12. Wobble Dance Party (prod. The Treasury)
13. Weed Man (prod. The Treasury)
14. O.M.G. f. The Wheeler Boys, Ques & Wes Green (prod. Wes Green)

DOWNLOAD: Mighty High Coup – Dark Side Of The Boom [Album]

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