Wednesday, December 8, 2021

K-Murdock – Beats From The East [Beat Tape]

We’re absolutely psyched about our new collaboration with producer K-Murdock of Panacea. ‘Beats From The East’ is a brand new 8-track EP fully inspired and influenced by Japan. It’s K-Murdock’s homage to the land of the rising sun using samples from his favorite Japanese-born musicians.

K-Murdock: “Beats From The East, like many of my albums, has some conceptual ideas that inspired its creation. It was amazing spending time in Japan, which I consider the nerd mecca since all the things we nerd out about here in the States – video games, anime/manga, and Eastern philosophy all call Japan their home originally. Once I got back from the weekend long tour I did out there last fall, I started realizing that some of my biggest music influences also emanated from Japan, so I decided to make this instrumental homage using samples from seven of my favorite Japanese-born musicians.

Each track also documents an experience I had during my week out in Japan as well. From the whole idea of flying across the globe to visit a whole new country [“Neo Geo”], to walking around Tokyo at night after lots of sake and calpis [“Tokyo Buzz”], to my odes to the many arcades and retro game shops we saw in Akihabara [“Say Hello” & “Thank You For Listening”]. This EP is pretty much an audio diary of my experiences in the land of the rising sun!”

DOWNLOAD: K-Murdock – Beats From The East

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