Bring It Back: Shawn Chrystopher – A City With No Seasons [Free Album] [2009]

I’m sure by now, many of you know that Shawn Chrystopher is one of my favorite artists. I started seriously listening to him about.. maybe 2 years ago now and he’s already one of my top played artists according to my account. I’ll admit Shawn has had a hard time finding his own sound for a while and some of his projects don’t flow perfectly, but he has some damn good songs on those projects. But besides lovestory., this project might be Shawn’s best project, despite it being his first non mixtape release of his career. I honestly can say I  don’t skip a song when I listen to this, so I hope you have the same liking for it.  Their aren’t any of his ‘swag’ raps on here.  It has some very personal songs and features a very distinct production style that I wish he still used.  Check out Shawn’s description of the project and download it below.

I’ve waited and waited for this day to come and I honestly can’t believe it’s finally here! I’ve worked EXTREMELY hard to provide everyone with a product that is not only worth listening to, but worth sharing, remembering…I wanted people to hear this album and years from now remember exactly where they were when they heard certain songs.

Honestly, every song on this album is different. I can’t ever answer the question “which song is your favorite,” because each song means something to me, from track 1 to track 11.

I set out to create art. Something that people would begin to compare future albums to; to set a standard. I started this project to raise the bar in hip hop, to get people to think outside the box and do things differently. So for 9 months we diligently worked on EVERYTHING, from types of instruments, to how the coloring should be done for my cover artwork. Everything was a strategic plan, yet not forced.

This album means so much to me because as I listen to it, i remember where I was at the time of me recording the songs. I remember who was around me, who was in my life…and then think about those who are no longer around me and no longer in my life. I can’t help to think that everything happens for a reason because, as down as I have been about certain untimely events that happened throughout the course of making this album, I can easily sit here and say that I am the happiest I have ever been in my entire life.

I tried to force things, force situations, force people to stay in my life, but now I have learned to live and let go; and I am a stronger man because of it.

So I hope you guys enjoy the album! Email me anytime to let me know anything that’s on your mind!


DOWNLOAD: Shawn Chrystopher – A City With No Seasons [Free Album] [2009]

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