Fan Suing Lil Wayne For Wasting 20 Minutes of His Life to Download Dedication 4

OMG this is great. Almost as good as the guy that offered Soulja Boy 25k to retire from rap.

“I wish he’d just get back on drugs, You know what I’m saying?”‘

Said Zachary Allen who believes Weezy was better when he was a syrup sipping, weed smoking, mouth to man kissing rapper.

Lil Wayne’s 4th installment to his Dedication mixtape series dropped Tuesday September 4th to disappointing reviews from fans all over the world.

“It was between killing myself and suing him. So I went with the obvious choice, sue him and if I don’t win …then I’ll kill myself.

You know how much sh*t I coulda done in 20 minutes?!? So many things.”

Fans around the world have every right to be upset since every track on the mixtape sounds like an advertisement for ‘stupid’.