Future – Pluto 3D (Artwork & Tracklist)

Future & Epic Records will be re-releasing Future’s debut album, Pluto, November 27th with three new songs and two remixes.  Below is the tracklist.

1. The Future Is Now (Intro)
2. You Deserve It
3. First Class Flights
4. Jealous
5. Turn On The Lights
6. Straight Up
7. My
8. Same Damn Time (Remix) feat. Diddy & Ludacris
9. Neva End (Remix) feat. Kelly Rowland
10. Tony Montana feat. Drake
11. Magic feat. T.I.
12. Homicide feat. Snoop Dogg
13. I’m Trippin
14. Parachute feat. R. Kelly
15. Long Live The Pimp
16. Astronaut Chick
17. Permanent Scar
18. Truth Gonna Hurt You