Exclusive: Fashionably-Early Interviews Young Fyre

Recntly I caught up with T-Pain’s producer Young Fyre about what he has coming up in the near future, how he got his start in the industry and what it’s like working with someone like T-Pain.

FE: How did you get into producing?

Young Fyre: Coming from Iowa there wasn’t a lot of music in the area, but I always enjoyed music and enjoyed working with it.

FE: I know you’ve worked a lot with Strange Music both with Tech N9ne and Krizz Kaliko how did that come about?

Young Fyre: I first started doing stuff with Tech around the time his “single off of Killer “Like Yeah” came out and then the relationship just grew from there.

FE: Not to mention you produced some of Tech’s classics! Leave Me Alone,

FE:  How did you meet T-Pain?

Young Fyre: T-Pain was on that Fuck Food track and being that I had worked with Tech and Krizz in the past I was kind of the mutual link between all of them, and from that point on I’ve been working with Pain.

FE: What’s it like working with T-Pain?

Young Fyre: It’s a lot of fun to work with T-Pain, he keeps the energy high in the studio and keeps everything fun, he’s always laughing he keeps it easy going.

FE: Does he come up with a song idea or do you make the beat and then the song follows? Or is a collaborative process?

Young Fyre: I usually make the beat first and then when we get to the studio it’s a collobrative process between the two of us.

FE: Who else have you worked with recently?

 Young Fyre:  I’ve worked with other top liners and producers, and have been working on some pretty big projects. Unfortunately I’m not able to disclose those at this point.

FE: What advice would you give to up and coming producers?

Young Fyre: My advice to up and coming producers would be hone in on your own sound.  To make your stuff stand out from other producers, and as with anything else, just work really hard it at.

FE: What do you love/hate about the music industry?

Young Fyre: I love the creative process behind it, and all that goes with that but I hate all politics and everything that goes along with that.

FE: Does it ever bother you that you work might go unnoticed?

Young Fyre: Since, I have tags on everything that doesn’t usually happen. If something with my name on it goes out, it has a tag so people know that I produced. That and if people care enough about the production they’ll look to see who produced it.

FE: Thanks for taking the time to take part in this Fashionably-Early Interview.

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