Songs You Probably Slept On In 2012 (Part 1)

You might of been able to tell, but our crew here at Fashionably-Early are going hard to bring you some more exclusives, information, and opinions to go along with our always frequent updates with the latest news, rumors, songs, videos, and everything else you need to know daily to be up to date in the busy music industry.  To add to the opinions aspect of the site, we will now be bringing you lists, similar to this one, as well as reviews.  For this list, I will be posting five songs that I believe people have slept on heavily this year.  I may of posted some of these songs before, some many of appeared on mixtapes that I have posted, or some may just be some gem that I hid in my iTunes.  You’ll never know.  For this one, it won’t be all rap.  I have some ‘alternative’, rnb/soul, and hip hop.  I hope you enjoy these songs now that they have been brought back to your attention.