Cannibal Ox Is Back

I few days ago, I caught wind of Cannibal Ox scheduling a show at Knitting Factory over in Brooklyn. They said they’d be playing old and new songs at the gig so obviously, the duo had reunited and new music would be coming out. Now, many outlets are confirming it. Cannibal Ox is planning to drop an official follow-up to their classic The Cold Vein. This came from Vast Aire “We never broke up, but the timing is now right for a new Cannibal Ox LP. Iron Galaxy Records is about to take over.” I can’t say I don’t believe him. I’m sure Vast Aire had wanted to put this together for a while but Vordul has gone through some shit in the past 11 years to say the least. Also, let it be noted that last year, El-P said there would not be another Can Ox album produced by him. El-P produced the entire The Cold Vein LP and he is in large part to thank for its success. I’m excited to go see Cannibal Ox in their reunion show, I’m just hoping to get my hands on a camera so that I can bring back some stuff for you folks.

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