Donnis – White Girl

Donnis has quite a story to tell about this track, and its quite funny.  Peep it before you listen to the song, or as you listen to it. This was recorded during the Break Hundreds & Hearts sessions.

This song was inspired by my living situation from January-June 2012 when I decided to move to 1555 Sunset and Vine in Beautiful Los Angeles California. During The time I was working on The Break Hundreds and Hearts Ep.  I had just gotten out of a crazy relationship and decided to just move to get away and make my return to the “music Scene”….so needless to say an extra stressful time for me but I wouldn’t change it for the world learned alot and I did a hell of a lot of great weed smoking  and lean sippin While everyone else was doing…… Colombian cocaine ladies and gentlemen…Disco shit Pure as the driven snow… haha (GO WATCH BLOW NOW)  It truly seemed like EVERYONE was doing that shit. Because well everyone each his own…Anyway one morning after a crazy party I woke up to my trashed apartment to find left over cocaine sitting on a mirror in the kitchen which instantly put the thought into my head….”MY WHITE GIRL ALWAYS IN THE MIRROR” and this song was born it clearly didnt make the Break Hundreds and Hearts ep but I wanted to share it with you all anyway because it was one of my favorite ones to create….Shout out to @GODSPAPARAZZI and @BLOCKBETTAZ FOR THE SUPPORT…and thank you for listening…DARE TO BE DRUG FREE.   and excuse me and my lack and overuse of punctuation ha. Dropping the tune at 4:30




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