Songs You Probably Slept On in 2012 (Part 2)

Donnis – Gimme

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Donnis is one of my most loved and hated artists. He has put out a lot of dope music and you can see the evolution in his music based on the different times in his life. But ever since he released his Southern Lights mixtape, the new music has been very scare. We got the snackpack with the song above it on it, and another snackpack, plus a seven song EP, and that’s about it. But apparently, Luxury Trap is on the way, and I am borderline excited for that. Anyway, back to this song. This song was on the soundtrack for VH1’s Single Ladies show, which is dope for Donnis. The beat, which you’d think contains a sample, actually does not, and I give Gods Paparazzi props for pulling that off. Hopefully we get more songs like this from Donnis A$AP.

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