Best Music Videos Of 2012

Phonte – Eternally f. Median

I loved this video from Phonte and Median as they go door to door in a quaint suburban neighborhood on their bikes. It’s just not your typical hip hop video and that’s where the appeal came to me. Their outfits are rather braggadocios also.

Brown Bag Allstars – 406

One for the nostalgic, tribute is paid to legendary Fat Beats retail, record store in NY. All of the members of the Brown Bag Allstars worked at the store and they met there and became an amazing hip hop group. It’s a shame that record stores as a whole are a thing of the past and nearly extinct. Even my mom said that I grew up in the wrong era because being an 18 year old kid now, I missed so much of this great music and record stores were a staple of the music scene.