Best Music Videos Of 2012

Killer Mike – Reagan

Arguably the best video of the year from Killer Mike. He appealed to all his black folk who also have harsh opinion on Ronald Reagan. This song contained a bevy of quotables from “Ronald Reagan was an actor, not at all a factor” “He declared a war on drugs, like a war on terror but it really did was let the police terrorize whoever but mostly black boys, but they would call us niggers and lay us on they bellys, with they fingers on they triggers. It was a really strong song and the video did an awesome job of backing it up. Some great visual forced the point down the throat of each viewer.

Brothers From Another – Molly Moons f. Thig Nat & Geologic

Brothers From Another and their Seattle friends spit some game. Tiglo, Thig Nat (of The Physics) and Geologic (of Blue Scholars) all put their game spitting skills on showcase in this video from the EP Taco Tuesdays.