Thursday, January 27, 2022

Vic Spencer & Sir Michael Rocks – Untitled Smooth Shit

vic spencer

This version of the song was apparently suppose to  be on Sir Michael Rocks first solo mixtape, The Rocks Report, but something came up apparently and Vic Spencer’s part of the song was replaced by a singer.  This song is smooth though.

Vic Spencer was working with his co-worker/producer at the time Dan Man, a friend of Sir Michael Rocks who was working on The Rocks Report in 2011. Dan Man reached out to Vic stating that Rocks was working on his solo effort and the producer wanted him to feature on Untitled Smooth Shit, which already had Michael Rocks’ verses on it. Later that day, Vic quickly penned his verse at Sulaiman’s crib in Beverly, a neighborhood in Chicago. The record was sent back to Dan Man. Months later, Vic passes the record to DJ Ray Protege’, who spinned the record at various LDRS events. At that time, it was the first time for some fans of Mickey Rocks to hear him work with any artist besides Chuck English, the other half/producer of the now defunct, The Cool Kids. Then The Sir Michael Rocks released The Rocks Report. The song title was changed to Summer Song and Vic Spencer’s shit-talking hooks & show-stealing verse was replaced with R&B singer Latif. Spencer released the record shortly after seeing the video to Summer Song. For those that was in Vic Spencer’s immediate circle, The Untitled Smooth Shit was one of the16 extra clips that didn’t make the 30-track mixtape, Vic Greenthumbs later that year. No word from Dan Man or Sir Michael Rocks to why the record was changed at press time.


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