MaLLy – I Am (prod. Medium Zach)

Here’s a new track that was created as a teaching tool. Read on the track’s story below.

Hip Hop Essentials is a college level course at IPR The Institute of Production & Recording in Downtown Minneapolis. Every quarter the students get to work with Rhymesayers artists and other indie artists to learn techniques, recording/studio processes and also witness songs getting created live in the class! “I AM” is a track that was done in our Spring 2012 Quarter. Medium Zach (of Big Quarters) came in and made this beat in the class (from pre-chosen samples). We then gave the beat to Mally and he had a week to write a verse and hook then came in the following week and had a hour to lay the vocals and talk about the process of making the song. This is what came from that unique collaboration!


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