PackFM – Twelve f. Dominion & Hydra (prod. Wildchild)

Hmmm, how to explain this one. Well, Dominion and Hydra aren’t rappers. They are two sects of the group The Plague, which aligned 12 years ago. The Plague was also comprised of 12 members and 6 of them are represented on this joint. Dominion is made up of PackFM, Substantial and Mr. Mecc while Hydra is made up of LR Blitzkreig, GMS and Wildchild. The missing members on this track are Tonedeff, Pumpkinhead, Session, Bad Seed, DJ DP-One and Kameel-Yen. To add on the twelve phenomenon, each rappers kicks twelve bar verses and the track was record on 12/12/12. And one more thing, the length of the track is 4:35. (4+3+5=12).


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