malbin’s Top 10 Albums of 2012

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2012 proved to be quite a crazy year in music and of course, many dope artists were discovered by myself and some of them have became my favorite artists. My musical taste definitely grew a lot this year, as I moved onto a lot more rnb and soulful music and away from a lot of hip-hop. A lot of things factor into this, but it doesn’t really matter at all. If you want to know, you should know my twitter by now. You will definitely be able to tell by the positioning of albums on this list. Don’t get me wrong, I still can enjoy that new banger Chief Keef released, but I’ve definitely moved away from it. For the record, this category features albums that were released for free and retail albums, so just a heads up for that. Many of you probably will think my list is crazy, but I don’t really care. Also, this is just the first for a few more end of the year lists I will be doing. So, I hope you enjoy and have some type of criticism for me after you read the list.

Lets get started with some honorable mentions. If the album was released for free, you can click the name of the album and you’ll be directed to where you can legally download or stream the album.