malbin’s Top 10 Mixtapes of 2012

1. shawn chrystopher – lovestory.

lovestory artwork
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If you know anything about me, this should come as no surprise to you. I can say Shawn Chrystopher is definitely my hip-hop artist right now. I had always liked his music before this, but Shawn really found his sound on this project after linking up with Timbaland. It’s weird, because with some of Shawn’s past songs and songs on this mixtape, I feel like we’re almost the same person. On this mixtape, you can definitely hear the influence from Timbaland and that definitely a good thing. There is little to no stunting on this project unlike other projects, and there are a lot more stories on here. Not to mention, Situation is one of those crazy, up tempo, motivational songs and add in the Dom Kennedy verse at the end, and you have an awesome song. I recommend a lot of people to listen to this project and I do not believe I got any negative feedback about it. I would definitely give my favorite mixtape of the year a listen.

Standout Tracks

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