malbin’s Top 10 Mixtapes of 2012

4. Rockie Fresh – Driving 88

rockie fresh driving 88 final
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Rockie Fresh made a huge splash and transition in 2012 with his mixtape Driving 88.  Driving 88 was a completely different style than his past mixtapes and he used that to obtain label offers and he is now the newest member of the Maybach Muisc Group.  Rockie stepped up his production with this mixtape, getting some back drops from Key Wane, The Kickdrums, The Blended Babies, and his in house producer LPeezy just to name some.  The mixtape has a lot of a very spaced out vibe to it and Rockie talks a lot of about being young and coming up in Chicago.  A lot of stunting on here, despite him not being on MMG, but I really digged it.  Also, it has some cuts that are just dope like ‘Twenties’, which should be a motivational song if your young and reaching your dreams.  Be on the lookout for his new mixtape, Electric Highway, dropping January 21st.

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