Awkword – Notorious f. Wordsmith, Jasiri X, Jus Daze & Capital X

“This song was originally inspired by the shootings and stabbings at the premieres across the United States for the Biggie biopic, Notorious — when we should have been celebrating one of our best and remembering the needless violence that caused his tragic death, we were busy perpetuating negative stereotypes. For me, and for Wordsmith, Jasiri X, Jus Daze and Capital X, these events became symbolic of a greater societal, cultural problem: one that impacts the Hip Hop community, specifically, and needs to be solved now. Chicago in 2012 says it all: a record number of murders; regular reports of police abuse; and a now-famous gang-affiliated 17-year-old rapper Chief Keef laughing on twitter at the shooting death of a local rival. And the massacre at Sandy Hook shows the problem extends beyond ‘the hood’. For BIG, for Hip Hop, for our communities, all our communities, let’s change what it means to be Notorious.” — AWKWORD


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