Jus Daze – Superman’s Dead (prod. Clipsmoke)

The second single off Walk Twice As Hard tells the story of fallen hero. I’ll let Jus Daze outline this one for you.

“Superman’s Dead” is a story of betrayal, heartbreak, lies, trust, and personal strife, where the “World’s Strongest Superhero” meets his downfall and demise. “Superman’s Dead” is unique, because rather than rap straight-forward to deliver the message, Jus Daze conveys the story’s theme through the use of symbols, metaphors, and imagery which he narrates using a dream sequence.

In “Superman’s Dead, ” Daze addresses the interests of long-standing listeners, while inviting a new audience to enjoy the diversity and lyricism throughout the song. Both die-hard and brand new fans alike will wonder how much of this “dream” of “Superman” parallels Daze’s real life.