Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Bring It Back: Brown Bag Allstars – Poison Apple [2009]

Been a little bit since I did one of these so I figured why not. This track re-circulated into my playlist recently and I felt the need to share. This was on The Brown Tape. The sound has such a notable vocal sample implicating remorseful feeling. The entire song has dark undertones to it and I love it. This was some of the group’s earliest stuff and the forgotten member Cold Codeine is on a few tracks. The whole tape isn’t that noteworthy but it definitely has a few gems like this song. It shows the group really forming a strong bond and this was put out when they were still working together at Fat Beats. The store only closed about a year later. And on the note of Brown Bag, they are dropping an LP this year and when that drops, go compare that to The Brown Tape.


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