Chicago Dual Threat Artists You’ll Know Soon


Chris Mathien

Artist’s Talents: Singer, Producer, Guitarist


From SaveMoney’s hidden gem to Chicago’s hidden gem. He produces, is the brainchild of the Chicago based band Mathien, and does a Soul/R&B sound when not backed by the band. When he’s not selling out shows at the House of Blues when backed by his band, you’ll often find him rocking hip-hop shows with R.O.E. or Sulaiman with which he’s formed the group Local Nobodies with. Which combines his producing and singing skills. He’s putting out an album soon backed by the band, and it’s rumored that he’s putting out another project soon with Sulaiman. If you’re into the Chicago music scene you should know this name. Below is a Local Nobodies song with Sulaiman which he produced and sang on.

DOWNLOAD: Local Nobodies – One

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