Chicago Dual Threat Artists You’ll Know Soon

Real [email protected]

Artist’s Talents: DJ, Director, PlayWright, Emcee, and Poet


Words. That’s probably the best sum up of Real [email protected] He was named the Source’s Un-Signed Hype in 2009 and has since built a fan base in Chicago through his clever word play and story telling ability. He could entertain you through any capacity as long as there is a mic in his hand. Whether it be as an emcee, poet, or host of a show. He really does it all. He’s also a playwright he wrote “The Yard: An A’Capella Hip-Hop Musical.” Which was performed at college campuses throughout the midwest. He’s released 5 projects. With his most recent being that of The Talented Tenth 8.0. Which was one of the better mix tapes of last year. Look for big things to come from him in the very near future. It might be big things in several fields, but be ready. The video below is the perfect segway into the next featured artist. It’s Keep Going ft. Dave Coresh.

DOWNLOAD: Real [email protected] – The Talented Tenth 8.0

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