Chicago Dual Threat Artists You’ll Know Soon

Dave Coresh

Artist’s Talent’s: Rapper and Producer¬†


With one of the more odd names that you’ll find in hip-hop as it takes on a play on words with a former cult leader David Koresh. I first was introduced to Dave Coresh when he was an opener for Hoodie Allen at Reggie’s and I’ve since followed him and he’s been steadily gaining a buzz in the Chicagoland area. His most recent mixtape was probably his best work. Not only were the lyrics on point but he also produced over the half of the tape. Which featured Lili K and The Boy Illinois. Even though he’s a very dope emcee, it could be argued that he might be an even better producer, some of the tracks on that tape are bangers. Then he can always come back with lyricism like he did on Keep Going with Real [email protected] You’ll hear more of him in the near future without a doubt.


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