Chicago Dual Threat Artists You’ll Know Soon


George Jackson III (Authentik Made) 

Artist’s Talents: Singer, Songwriter, Producer, Can Play Guitar/Piano/Trumpet/Harmonica/Drums


I could start almost anywhere with this one. He’s Chicago/LA in terms of location but still has heavy roots in Chicago. He started in the Chicago music scene as the keyboard player in the soul/rock/funk band Mathien. He then ventured off in his own lane producing and writing a 23 song album by himself. There really isn’t much he can’t do. He also produced much of the artist Real [email protected]’s first several projects. He also produced Ben Official’s recent EP that just dropped. In the next few months you should see his name on some big artists production credits. If you haven’t heard any of his stuff previously go check out his bandcamp page. He’s an R&B/Soul singer with roots in gospel. To segway into the next artist when he’s in LA he often works with the artist Lee England Jr. who is also from Chicago. Watch for these two to have a huge year, or at the halftime show of your next NBA game.

DOWNLOAD: George Jackson III – 708 To LAX

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