Chicago Dual Threat Artists You’ll Know Soon

Peter Cottontale

Artist’s Talents: Producer, Vocalist, Keyboard


If you’ve ever been to a show that he’s performed at you’ll notice one thing about him. He wears rabbit ears when he performs making him very distinguishable from everyone else. He does a lot in the Chicago are. He’s the keyboard player in the band Mathien, is Lili K’s producer, and has produced for other artists, most notably Chance The Rapper on his #10Day mixtape. He recently put out a project with Lili K titled Metal Petals as well as her previous projects, she’s a jazz singer and his production compliments it perfectly. On the #10Day mixtape he produced Brain Cells which originally was Mac Miller’s Koolaid and Frozen Pizza, or if you really want to go back it was originally a Lord Finesse beat, but anyway he redid that. Cottontale also added keys to Hey Ma, and co-produced Long Time II. He’ll have production on Chance The Rapper’s upcoming project as well Acid Rap. Look for him at the next Mathien/Lili K/ or Chance The Rapper performance in Chicago and look for the famous rabbit ears. He’s a busy but very talented artist in the city.

DOWNLOAD:  Lili K РMetal Petals 

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