Tuesday, November 30, 2021

First Appearance: Rhyme Progression – Half Awake Tapes Volume 2 [FreEP]

Here’s an emcee living out in Denver whose music I’d like to share. He’s not exactly new to my radar but I got reminded of him through his submission. I’ve actually got a project of his on my computer, although I don’t remember it being there but that’s just what comes with having 30K+ songs. Enough of that, this is the new 4 track EP from Rhyme Progression. I’d just like to say that I love what he did with the first track, I heard that sample open the song and I was immediately jolted. That being because I’ve heard that Carly Simon sample on an Epsilon Project song and to this day that song is among some of my favorite underground hip hop tunes. But Rhyme proceeds to chop up the sample very uniquely and all of a sudden, it sound nothing like Carly Simon or that Epsilon song. I love when an artist can both rhyme well and produce well and this guy’s got that so please go download his new EP for free below.


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