Songs That Should Be On Your Workout Playlist [Vol. 2]

Black Milk – Losing Out f. Royce Da 5’9″

If you’re actually paying attention to the lyrics during your reps, you’re not lifting enough weight. But you’re sure to catch the sample that says “Losing out” in the chorus of the song. That should inspire you to put up more weight and get that extra rep in. If that doesn’t let Royce’s scorching hot flow inspire you.


The Roots – Here I Come

This is the most recognizable track on this list thus far. It’s on plenty of people’s playlists already and its also the song that The Roots play at the end of every episode of Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. There’s a good chance you’ve heard this song in some capacity. It has such an awesome bass line and overall it has a high energy feel and connotation to it. The full band sound definitely adds to that feel. This song is just a must for a hip hop fan’s workout playlist.

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