Songs That Should Be On Your Workout Playlist [Vol. 2]

Prophetix – It’s A Shame

This is another one of those underground gems that I can’t believe hasn’t been heard by more people. This song in particular has such an awesome beat. For real, the bassline is immaculate. For a good workout song, the beat has to be heavy and this song absolutely has that. The rappity rappers don’t necessarily bring intensity that can be paralleled to Ghostface Killah but they drop high quality bars although if you’re truly focusing on the task at hand in the gym, the only thing that should be recognizable is the bassline and kickdrums.


Marco Polo & Torae – Double Barrel

In our next spot we have Marco Polo & Torae’s lead single from their 2009 album Double Barrel. This still stands in my opinion as Marco’s hardest hitting beat to date. The horns in this song are insane and Torae flows on this beat perfectly. He’s got a vicious flow on this one and it better give you a vicious mind-state as well.

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