Songs That Should Be On Your Workout Playlist [Vol. 2]

Mobb Deep – Survival Of The Fittest

Back when Prodigy and Havoc had a lot to say and a lot of fire, they were equivalent to the west coast gangsta rap in a way but the lyrics were much deeper and intuitive. Mobb Deep’s album The Infamous was the highest point in the career of the duo. It was at the high point of everything for them, their sound, popularity and lyrical content. They had a lot to say on this album and this song in particular. This song would fit perfectly in your workout after a big set and you’re breaking for water and some rest.


Atmosphere – Trying To Find A Balance

Some of you might be saying “Atmosphere?? Seriously?” but those of you saying that obviously don’t know Slug and Ant’s early work. This song sounds like it belonged on their 1997 debut album Overcast! but instead it was on their 2003 album Seven’s Travels. I won’t lie, a lot of Atmopshere’s songs are smooth with a nice, lofty guitar loop or piano loop. But they also have some songs reminiscent of “Trying To Find A Balance”. This song has a bit of a crescendo in the first verse and the fact that there are no drums in the first half of the verse creates a driving tempo feeling. Slug laces the track with plenty of intensity and it’s sure to be a good workout tune.

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