Ryshon Jones – God’s Broken Smile [Video]

Ryshon Jones has been promoting the release of this video for a bit, and today we get the final product. Be sure to get his last project, In Theory, because this song is on it, and it’s extremely good.

off of my project In Theory . I advise you to watch this on your mac ,laptop screen ..how ever if your watching this on your phone all is well. ummm…I dont wanna speak alot on it..its been a very very veryyyyy long time sinced I released a visual.Im excited about this one and more to come,I want to think L.A. and Mike Lopez for the help on this video.Watch it SHARE IT reblog ..tweet it..pay attention to detail please… lets get this video on mtv rapfix or something ahaaa thank you for all the support and those that tweeted GodsBrokenSmile and everyone that downloaded or purchased In Theory — Ryshon