Songs That Should Be On Your Workout Playlist [Vol. 3]

workout playlist vol. 3

After successfully dropping the first volume of the ‘Songs That Should Be On Your Workout Playlist’ series, the streets have been STARVING for my next volume. So while Trixx was creating and then releasing volume two, I was cooking up some new heat for you guys to get absolutely belligerent with while lifting metal plates or running on a track. The one thing that a lot of people told me that they wanted with this playlist was for it to be longer, so I present you a 17 song, 70+ minute playlist for you to destroy your workout. And hell, just look at that cover (made by myself, it’s a work of art, I know). How does a tiger pouncing through water looking for dinner tonight not just get you JACKED up? Anyway, like I said before, I am trying to introduce you guys to some new, under-looked tracks as well as some new classics, so I hope you enjoy, especially you Sanders.

Like before, you can view the tracklist and download the whole playlist at once HERE, or you can go page by page and listen and subsequently download the song while reading my insight on each track. Let me know how I did with this playlist either in the comment section below or on twitter. If you like it, be sure to spread the link around to your fellow companions.

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