Artist Spotlight: SOHN


I do not believe I’ve done one of these before, but there’s a first time for everything right? Today I was able to stumble across this artist named SOHN, who was recently signed to the record label 4AD. Besides that, and the fact that Miguel gave him a shout out in a recent interview (kind of ironic, you’ll find out in a few sentences), I do not know much about him. There are no pictures of him on the internet. And music-wise, all we have are the five songs which are posted below.

What I meant by the ironic part of Miguel giving him a shout out is, this SOHN guy has a voice very similar to Miguel. Production wise, all the songs have a very spacey, electronicy feeling to it, but in no way dark themed which seems to be the new theme in ‘R&B’ these days. The song ‘Warnings’ was used as a backdrop for Rockie Fresh’s song ‘The Warnings’ off his Electric Highway mixtape, thought I’d like to throw that out there. I can honestly say I enjoy all of these tracks below, so hopefully you do as well. I’m actually very interested in hearing some new music from this guy, because besides ‘Bloodflows’, all of these songs are 6+ months old. So, as soon as more music drops from SOHN, you’ll know we’ll have it up on the site.

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