PARTYNEXTDOOR – The Jahron B Collection (Mixtape)

PARTYNEXTDOOR is the latest artist co-signed by Drake and is signed to Drake’s OVOSound. He released his ‘first’ single Make A Mil last month under the name PARTYNEXTDOOR. But before he was PARTYNEXTDOOR, he was Jahron B, and the homies at KTT have created a 40+ song collection of the songs he recorded under the name Jahron B. Peep that below, there are quite a few standouts on this collection, similar to Frank Ocean’s Lonny Breaux collection.

EDIT: DaKompound just released the updated version of this collection featuring more songs (the count is now up to 58) and a brand new cover. Download below.

DOWNLOAD: PARTYNEXTDOOR – The Jahron B Collection (Mixtape) | BACKUP

jahron b collection tracklist

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