iv play deluxe

By Matt Albin:

Terius Youngdell Nash, or The-Dream, will release his fifth studio album via Def Jam Records titled IV PLAY tomorrow (5/28). I have been anticipating the release of IV PLAY ever since The-Dream released his free album (which was subsequently turned into his fourth studio album that was re-released on Def Jam in December 2012) 1977 under his real name, Terius Nash. Before that album, I knew who Dream was, but his singles like Shawty Is Da Shit never really gave me a reason to want to check out his past work. After hearing 1977, my viewpoint of The-Dream’s music changed, and I checked out his whole discography. I can definitely say I’m a fan.

Although many Dream fans thought that 1977 was very underwhelming, I can say that it is probably my favorite release from him & that gave me pretty high expectations for his new album IV PLAY. After hearing a few of the original singles from the album such as Roc, Dope Bitch, & Slow It Down, I wasn’t so sure about the direction the album was heading towards. It turns out that none of those songs ended up making the album & Slow It Down was a bonus track for the album. I thought Dope Bitch was better, but that’s beyond the point.

After he released those three singles, The-Dream ended up releasing the title track for the album as a single, IV PLAY, High Art with Jay-Z, & Where Have You Been with Kelly Rowland. Now THESE songs got me excited to hear the whole album. After getting news about the features on the album (2 Chainz, Beyonce, Big Sean, & Gary Clark Jr along with Jay-Z, Fabolous, & Kelly Rowland), it looked like Dream had constructed a cohesive album with features that could help him reach a broader audience.

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