Born Sinner, Watching Movies With The Sound Off, & Yeezus First Week Sales Projections

born sinner standard

June 18th was a HUGE day for retail releases, with Mac Miller, J. Cole, Kanye West, Statik Selektah, Kelly Rowland & a few others making releases. Obviously, everyone wants to know the numbers for the big three albums that got released today, Mac’s, Cole’s & Kanye’s, & we got them for you. Yeezus is on pace to sell 375k-400k, Born Sinner is on pace to sell 290k-315k, & Watching Movies With The Sound Off is set to sell 95k-105k. Honestly, I’m shocked Mac’s numbers dropped that low from the release of his first album, Blue Slide Park, especially with the increase in music quality, but maybe it’ll be a long term seller. Not surprised at Kanye’s or Cole’s numbers, but it would of been huge for hip-hop if Cole outsold Kanye.

On a side note, Kelly Rowland’s album Talk A Good Game is set to sell between 60k-65k. That’s awesome for her & her team as I’m sure her album is getting overlooked by the big three up there. Her album is pretty fantastic, may I add.