Shawn Chrystopher – The Lovestory LP [Artwork & Tracklist]

the lovestory lp

Above is the artwork for Shawn Chrystopher’s upcoming album executive produced by Timbaland, Lovestory LP, which drops on July 23rd. Check out the snippets and pre-order the album on Amazon. Features on the album come from Dom Kennedy, Polyester, & Buddy while Ashley Breshe & Janai Evans provide vocals as well.

01. The Intro
02. Pull Up
03. Minding My Business
04. The Grindin’ Interlude
05. WYSG ’93
06. The Situation Interlude
07. Situation (feat. Dom Kennedy & Ashley Breshe)
08. The Revolution
09. Palm Trees (feat. Polyester)
10. One Of My Homies
11 The Temptation Interlude: Vicky Cristina
12. Hi(gh). (feat. Janai Evans)
13. Blackandwhite
14. Dinner With A Supermodel
15. Nobody On This Earth
16. Biscayne [Bonus Track]
17. BYD (feat. Buddy) [Bonus Track]
18. Forsure [Bonus Track]