5 Emcees Who Everyone Will Be A Fan Of In 2014

5 artists list

So with this newest list, I’m calling out some of the next big things. On the level of how guys like Joey Bada$$ and Chance The Rapper recently blew up. There are boatloads of talented emcees coming up in the ranks and unfortunately, a lot of the spikes these guys get is due to great promotion. Yes, the music will speak for itself but at the same time, a good promotion plan and team is of phenomenal assistance. The system is corrupt but at the same time, every talented artist will get his chance. Some will get more chances than others due to the unfairness of the industry. As corny as it is, Eminem put it well in the intro of “Lose Yourself”. I don’t need to quote it directly, i’m sure you all know the entire first verse by heart. So take a seat, throw your reading glasses on if your eye sight isn’t up to par and watch my psychic abilities at work. Also, just remember, I’m telling you to hop onto the bandwagon for these emcees early so please yield my warning.