Lil Ugly Mane – Three Sided Tape Volume One [FREEP]

Lil Ugly Mane just released a 3 track compilation of unreleased songs and instrumentals, each track no shorter than 17 minutes. What I’ve found the most interesting about Ugly Mane’s last few releases is that he’s showcasing his versatility as a producer. While you still hear a lot of the morose and lugubrious, southern influenced tracks, L.U.M. has given us glimpses into his more traditional (using that loosely here) sounding production, making this a captivating experience to listen through. It’s a shame he has stated that he doesn’t want to continue much further with rap music/the Lil Ugly Mane persona, he’s truly a talented artist that has the skills to have a long career in the genre.

Lastly, I cannot recommend Mista Thug Isolation enough. If you still haven’t listened to Lil Ugly Mane, you MUST listen to it, and probably start with it as well. His other works, including this one, might end up being easier to take in afterwards.

DOWNLOAD: Bandcamp link

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