Lil Ugly Mane – Three Sided Tape Volume Two [FREEP]

Lil Ugly Mane just dropped the second part of his Three Sided Tape series. Having already made a post for the first installment back on Wednesday, it feels a bit redundant to post this one up as well, but this series seems to be shaping up into one of the more impressive mixes/compilations released so far this year; the quality on these two tapes are so much greater than the description ‘collection of unreleased songs and instrumentals from the past couple few years’ would suggest. They’re just so damn addicting.

Also, for anyone that might be interested, there are versions of Three Sided Tape Volume One floating around that have each track as an individual song.

You can stream Volume Two and/or download it from the Bandcamp link below.

DOWNLOAD: Lil Ugly Mane – Three Sided Tape Volume Two [FREEP]

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