Future Was The Reason Why Drake Created ‘Started From The Bottom’

future drake

The gawd Future has struck again. In a recent interview where he talked about working with Drake, Future revealed that he was the reason that Drake created the hit single ‘Started From The Bottom’. Future always tells his engineer to ‘start it from the bottom’, & that just stuck in Drake’s head and later that night Drake thought of the song & BAM. It sucks that Future Vandross couldn’t get any publishing from the record, but I’m sure Drake has blessed Future with a great verse or hook on his Future’s album Honest, & Future is already confirmed to be on Drake’s album Nothing Was The Same, so there’s some more publishing there.

“When he made the record, he was in a studio session with me. It was for ‘Chosen One’.” Future explained. The Freebandz rapper revealed that the iconic title came from a misunderstanding. “So when we was at the studio, Drake came by, and I always tell my engineer ‘start it from the bottom’. Drizzy mistook this for the title of the track. “He was waiting for me in “Chosen One” to say ‘started from the bottom’.” said Future.

Apparently when Drake left the session, he still had the phrase in his head. Future recalled what the Toronto rapper had told him about the refrain. “‘Started From The Bottom’ just stayed in my mind. I instantly got with the driver, and put the CD in. I already had the beat. And just started saying “Started from the bottom, now we here.”

“I’m like why didn’t you tell me in the studio?!” Future joked, revealing that Drake had bought him some expensive liquor to thank him for the idea. “He bought me a bottle of Louis XIII that I never opened because of this.” he said, suggesting playfully that he deserved a writing credit. “I said, I don’t want a bottle I need publishing!”


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