Ghostface Killah & Killah Priest Announce Collaborative Album

Ghostface Killah Killah Priest

Ghost and Priest have been doing a lot together lately from Killah Priest appearing on 12 Reasons To Die to the two touring together. Through their extended time together, Killah Priest revealed that an album was spawned. He sat down with Conspiracy Worldwide Radio and said this:

“Me and Ghost, we working on an album too,” Priest revealed. “I’mma just leak that out there. It’s like that’s my brother right there, so we been planning on things…It’s title-less right now. It’ll probably be Natural Born Killers. It’s title-less right now, but we on a whole ‘nother plain. We’re just making music man…It’s gonna be out there man. It’s very spiritual. And everybody knows about Ghostface and his storytelling ability. And then we putting a lot of ideas together. It’s gonna be [some] magic…Basically, it’s for the most high. It’s for the spirit.”

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